Thai food in Italy during lockdown

We love Asian food but ingredients are not easy to get here, even without lockdown. Dried Chinese mushrooms are still in my cupboard (they are not at all comparable with dried porcini which have a much stronger flavor).

Put 25 grams of dried Chinese mushrooms in warm water for at least 30 mins. Drain and chop.

Chop 4 garlic cloves. Grate 2 cm of fresh ginger. Slice 4 spring onions.

Heat a pan. Roast 2 table spoons of unsalted peanuts. Grind roughly.

Cover 120 grams of noodles with boiling water. Allow to rest for approximately 15 mins, until al dente. Drain.

Add a drizzle of sunflower oil in the pan. Add the garlic, ginger and spring onions. Bake and stir. Add 600 grams of sliced mushrooms. Bake. Add 50ml of white wine. Allow to evaporate. Add the Chinese mushrooms. Once everything al dente, add a smooth mixture of 1 large table spoon of peanut butter, 2 table spoons of soy sauce and 1 teaspoon of chili sauce. Stir. Mix with the noodles. Finish with the peanuts and chopped fresh basil.

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