Bingo night 🥳

What a night, virtual bingo party with my family in law. Egon and Otis are extremely excited, as are we, of course.What to eat tonight?Simple pasta, ovendried cherry tomatoes and grated bottega is a perfect meal to celebrate our victory 😉.Halve 500 grams of cherry tomatoes. Put them in an oven dish with the skin downwards. Chop 4 garlic cloves, 1 red onion. Mix with 1 table spoon of dried thyme and pepper. Spread on the tomatoes. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil. Bake in the oven at 180° for 30 mins. Stop the oven. Leave the dish in the oven until after the game.Boil some pasta al dente. Mix with the tomatoes and a handful of chopped fresh parsley. Finish with grated bottarga. Serve with lemon.

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