If you wouldn’t know yet, I love cooking

Today was a lovely sunny day. Since I’m living in Italy, and not yet at work, I have this habit (good or bad???) to wake up without alarm, to take some clothes (without being bothered about style, season, colors,…), feed the dog and cats, enjoy my coffee and breakfast (if possible outside) and to plan my day. I’m always busy, and every other day I run on the treadmill for 40 mins ( while watching a netflix serie ;-)), but still, if there is a surprising guest, there is this mixed emotion of : feeling really at home/feeling embarassed. Anyway, it happened again, today, while I was making my shopping list, that our lovely geometra arrived with a gift for ‘Natale’. I do realize that this routine will change once I’m back at work, although I’m hoping to find a perfect ‘in-between’.

All those words to say I really feel ‘ blessed’  being able to have the life which I always dreamed to have. So even if I know I will spend an occasional evening with myself (and, of course, our pets), I look forward to a dinner.

Rules : no waste, minimal quotum of vegetables is 300 grams, all-in one, tasty and home made and candle light.

Today the basic ingredients are a leftover of  green cabbage ( 350 grams) and 50 grams of taleggio.

Chop the green cabbage. Rinse. Boil a few small leftovers of dry pasta (60-100 grams max) in salted water. Add the green cabbage after a few mins. Once everything is al dente, drain.

Use the same pan. Heat a drizzle of olive oil. Add 2 chopped garlic cloves, 2 teaspoons of savory, 1 table spoon of pine nuts and 1 chopped peperoncini. Stir and bake. Add the drained pasta and cabbage. Stir regularly. Finish with the taleggio.


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