Never boring, always different, courgettes!

Courgettes, young ones, are also perfect in a salad. Slice 1 kilo in stripes and marinate  them with the juice of 1 lemon, 2 table spoons of olive oil, 1 finely chopped garlic clove, a handful of chopped wild fennel, a few leaves of chopped mint, pepper and salt. Mix carefully and marinate for at least 30 mins.

Put 50 grams of cashew nuts on baking paper. Put 1 small radicchio, cut in pieces,on baking paper. Chop 3 fresh small red onions in slices. Add 1 table spoon of maple syrup. Bake the onions in 1 table spoon of melted butter for 5-10 mins. Pour the onions on the radicchio. Put the nuts and the radicchio in the oven at 180°. Remove the  nuts if they are golden brown and crush them in a mortar. Bake the radicchio for approx 20 mins.

Prepare slices of bread (not too fresh). Put on baking paper. Smear the slices with a garlic clove and brush some olive oil on each slice. Put in the oven for approx 10-15 mins.

Mix courgettes, radicchio, some fresh courgettes flowers, the nuts together and spread some buffalo mozzarella on the salad. Enjoy this lovely dish with 3p.

Heavenly delicious!

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