Ray and spinach

Ray is a delicious fish, and can be prepared in many ways. There is only one important condition : ray has to be super fresh!

I had to promise Iris to eat something with pepper sauce. Knowing that the real recipe is rather complicated and fat, I make my own and easy version (I hope she will like it). Boil 125 ml of chicken stock (yes, I admit, I use cubes now and again) 1 tea spoon of dried thyme, 5 teaspoons of red pepper balls for 10 mins. Add 125 ml of low fat cream. Allow to simmer in order to thicken the sauce. Taste and add pepper and salt if necessary. Keep the sauce warm. Put the ray wings in a large oven dish. Season with pepper, salt and put some butter on each side. Bake in the oven at 200° for 20 mins (my wings were rather thick). Chop a lot of garlic. Blanch 750 grams of fresh and clean spinach. Bake the garlic in some olive oil. Add the drained spinach.

Serve the ray with the spinach, the creamy and light version of pepper sauce and any kind of potato (my beloved Hasselback  (Hasselback broccoli, hasselback potatoes potatoes went in the oven at the start of the cooking).

PS  a critical note on my pepper sauce : it’s not quite the same, but it’s okay 😉

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