After a week menu with puree, burgers, chicken + rice and pizza we are ready for a pasta ;-)

A dark cold day, although cheered up with an ice cream in San Gimignano (one of the best in the world), is ideal for a cosy pasta dish with cabbage. For 5p, cut 1 green cabbage in small pieces. Chop and fry 1 red onion, 6 garlic cloves. Add 500 grams of mixed minced meat. Add 1 table spoon of savory (compensation for the flatulant effect of the cabbage) and 1 table spoon of dried thyme. Bake and add the green cabbage. Stir now and again. Add pepper and salt. For a creamy effect,add 250 grams of ricotta. Boil the pasta al dente. Finish each plate with some fresh parsley and a few roasted pine nuts.

Dinner is served!

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