Back in lovely Brussels for a few days

Every time we visit Belgium we feel the vibe in another area of this fascinating city. Being ‘ex-pat’ is a great opportunity in many ways. After a few years of Italy it would be great to live in other countries, but the idea of ‘coming home’ in Brussels feels really good.

Our apartment this week is great, but has a tiny kitchen. In this city with a great offer of restaurants outside eating is easy and delicious, but cooking and eating in our temporary home is fun.

In a small kitchen it’s better not to try to create complicated dishes. Our evening of arrival we buy a few things before checking in : cherry tomatoes, ready made gnocchi, a can of passata, garlic (of course), chili peppers, parmigiano, fresh basil. Boil the gnocchi first. Put them in a large bowl with 400 grams of halved cherry tomatoes. Chop and fry 6 garlic cloves and 2 chili peppers. Add the can of passata and 100 ml of red wine. Allow to simmer and stir now and again. Add pepper and salt and ½ of the chopped fresh basil. Add the gnocchi and cherry tomatoes and reheat. Finish with the fresh basil and parmigiano. Brussels meets Italy ;-).

1 pan, 1 bowl, 2 plates, 2 spoons and 1 candle = easy healthy cooking!


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