Spoiled by my lovely daughters

After a long day of travelling, Siena-Rome-Brussels-Machelen, my daughters are waiting for me in the appartment of one of my best friends ever, Ingrid, who is spending some time at the seaside in Belgium. I know it’s decadent but one of the ingredients in Italy I miss most are North Sea shrimps. Lisbet prepared me a wonderful pasta dish with courgettes and North Sea shrimps.

For 3p chop 700 grams of courgettes in little cubes. Fry 2 chopped garlic cloves and the cubes in a drizzle of olive oil. Add the juice and zeste of 1 lime, 4 table spoons of sour cream, pepper and salt. Boil the pasta. Add 200 grams of north sea shrimps and a bunch of chopped dill. Mix the pasta and the sauce. Reheat shortly and serve with some extra shrimps, and fresh dill.

Yummie yummie.

I am a proud mom to have two daughters who are cooking so wonderful and who love to share this pleasure with others! Thanks, Ingrid,  for borrowing your appartment and your brand new kitchen, and above all, to be there for my daughters and myself while I live abroad.

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