Babo in Tuscan = daddy

While babo Michel has some quality time with his daughter in Siena, I spend some quality time with my family in Belgium.

He doesn’t like pasta or rice. Last visit in Siena he discovered gnocchi and he is a fan. Apart from gnocchi alla Romana I have a really bad experience making them. It ‘s so important to find the right balance and the right potato. Anyway the large variety in the supermarket never disappoints me and is of course ‘safe’ and tasty.

Put a large oven dish, filled with 750 grams of cherry tomatoes, a bunch of sage leaves, 6 chopped garlic cloves and a good drizzle of olive oil in the oven at 150° for approx 1h. Boil the gnocchi. Add to the ovenbaked tomatoes. Serve with grated parmigiano. Easy Italy!

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