Polpo, the ‘real ‘octopus with the long tentacles and little suction cups

They can be enormous, those creatures. The Italians surely eat them often, and buy them frequently frozen.

Tessa Kiros is a cookbookwriter, she travelled and worked all over the world. One of her books, Ciao bella, describes the cuisine of Venice.

Polpo con patate is a traditional antipasto, but I thought it would be an excellent main coarse.

Buy  a smaller octopus of 400-500 grams for 2p. It’s not a big thing to clean that fish family but it’s less smelly in the carbadge if the fisherman does this.

Fry 1 chopped white onion, a few chopped garlic cloves and 1 chopped spicy little pepper in a drizzle of olive oil. Add the octopus which is cut into smaller pieces. Add 100 ml of white wine and cook until the wine is gone. Add 300 ml of vegetal stock and cook for 15 mins covered. Add the roughly chopped potatoes (400-500 grams). Stir now and again. Uncover the dish to concentrate the liquid.

Total cooking time will be approx 30 mins, until octopus and pototoes are soft. If there is to much liquid in the pan, remove the potatoes and the polpo. Keep  them warm and continue the liquid to reduce its volume. Add pepper and salt.

Serve the dish with fresh parsley and a salad as side dish.

Lovely dish for tentacles lovers!

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