Spinach, tomato sauce and ricotta in a delicious vegetarian pasta dish

For 2p, chop 2 garlic cloves. Heat a large pan. Add a drizzle of olive oil. Add the garlic and 500 grams of fresh, clean spinach. Bake until the spinach has reduced until 3 handfuls of vegetables. Drain. Mix with 175 grams of ricotta, pepper and salt. Put 2 garlic cloves, 1 large handful of … More Spinach, tomato sauce and ricotta in a delicious vegetarian pasta dish

What a great starter!

In the Christmas edition of delicious.nl I find a lot of inspiration for the future visit of Emilie, one of my lovely nieces. There is a lot that I don’t really understand of the vegan philosophy, but the recipes are usually really creative. Grilled chicory with roasted nuts and a romesco sauce is awesome. Most … More What a great starter!

Halloumi balls?

Certain recipes are less adapted for 2p, especially if you refuse to have leftovers. That’s why I often change the ingredients in order to get a similar effect. The recipe with balls based on halloumi and quinoa in delicious.nl of december looked really delicious, but instead of using breadcrumb and quinoa and only 150 grams … More Halloumi balls?

Pea soup

The beautiful green soup of peas was always a real winter soup if combined with meat or bread crusts. This soup is perfect for any season, and above all it’s a great way to use the ends of parmigiano cheese. I usually use those ends in my tomato sauces and soup, for extra flavor, but … More Pea soup

Caprese in gazpacho

The monthly magazine of the Italian supermarket Coop costs 1euro. So, for only 1 euro a month I have even more inspiring sources and I  gradually become familiar with the Italian cooking vocabulary  and with the variety of local products without great effort. For this recipe you need a blender and a fridge. For 2-3 … More Caprese in gazpacho

Vegetarian balls

Boil 400 grams of frozen large white beans in salted water with a few sage leaves for approx 15 mins. Drain the beans and cool down. Mix in the blender with 1 table spoon of savory, 1 egg, 2 table spoons of bread crumb, pepper and salt. Put the mixture in the fridge to become … More Vegetarian balls