Something with eggs….frittata

For some reason, to me, eggs usually have the important task to pimp a dish with a mixture of leftover ingredients. They are the chosen ones to ‘keep it all together’ while serving as proteins. Above all, they are still considered to be cheap (even if you buy ‘real’ eggs of ‘real’ chicken with a ‘real’ chicken-life). Chop 4 garlic cloves, 2 spring onions, ½ cucumber (without seeds), 1 tomato, 1 avocado and mix with a can of drained artichokes and 300 grams of frozen peas. Add a bunch of fresh thyme, pepper and salt. Put all this in an oiled dish with a lost sliced burrata above. Pour 4 battered eggs over the vegetables. Bake 30-40 mins in the oven at 180°. Serve this colorful frittata with some rocket salad.

Could be worse for a ‘empty your fridge-day’.

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