Do not forget that chickpeas are proteins!

For 2p, bake 150 grams of old bread with garlic on baking paper, with fresh thyme, pepper and olive oil at 180°. When crispy, put in the blender to cut. Use ½ of the amount to mix with zeste of 1 lemon, drained chickpeas (1 can) and some extra olive oil. Bake at 120° in the oven, on the same baking paper, while preparing the rest of the dinner. Use the other ½ to mix with a few spoons of grated pecorino. Boil the salted water for the pasta. Wash 500 grams of fresh spinach. When you add the full fibre pasta (140 grams for 2p) in the boiling water, start baking the fresh spinach shortly in a warm pan with oil and 2  chopped garlic cloves. Add pepper and salt. Mix pasta with spinach. Serve with the crunchy chickpeas and the crunchy pecorino mixture.

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