In the mood for French, ‘Salade Niçoise’

Today shoppingday.

Eventhough tuna is a protected fish, I have to admit that we love that fish on our plate. In the local supermarket they sell it ‘decongelato’, but it looks really fresh and has the label ‘responsibly caught’.

Hasselback potatoes will be great to combine with this delicious salad. Use smaller size potatoes, put each potato in a spoon and slice into small wedges all the way through but left joined at the bottom (for result see picture).  With a little bit of salt and a little drizzle of olive oil they are ready for the oven (180°- max 200°) for 45-60 mins (depends on the size of the potato ). Prepare a green salad.  Parboil a little portion of green beans (100gr pp). Add some black olives and cherry tomatoes. If you prefer (it is still winter!) warmer tomatoes in your mouth you could add the cherry tomatoes to he potatoes towards the end of their baking time. Mix the dressing using olive oil, white vinegar or lemon and pepper and salt (make a lighter version by using 1/3 water, 1/3 oil and 1/3 vinegar). If you make a larger amount of dressing you can use it for several occasions if you keep it in the fridge.

To make the salade niçoise really complete, boil 1 egg pp for 3-3.5 mins. Grill the tuna shortly and cut into slices. A large plate will show all the ingredients properly.

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