Inspection of the fridge and stock!

What can we prepare the day before going to the supermarket?

Probably you will think that at the end of my week I only have vegetables in the freezer or in cans? Surely everybody knows tupperware : thé reason of choas in your kitchen cabinets. A while ago I bought those fairly large plastic boxes with corrugations below (to catch the humidity) and  tabs to regulate the evaporation. Finally they are used the way they are intended to and they are great to keep salads, mushrooms, parsley, mint, basil,…fresh for at least one week.

Ok, what will we eat today. I find some raddicchio, a left over of the ricotta from yesterday and I have a little box of basil and some eggs in the freezer. So today is tatin-quiche day!

Use a springform, a small one for two. Mix three eggs, ricotta and some greek yoghurt, salt,pepper and the frozen basil. Fry a red onion and a few cloves of garlic with the raddicchio cut into small pieces. Mix everything together. Add salt and pepper. Put some baking paper into the springform. Add the mixture and cover with a small circle of puff pastry. Before dinner, preheat your oven at 180°, and count 40 minutes to prepare the quiche-tatin.  Turn your plate upside down and serve…with a little salad?? Buon appetito

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