Gremolata is a mixture of fresh parsley, lemon zeste and garlic and is a wonderful way to give a fresh flavor to a lot of dishes. Mix 1 finely chopped garlic clove with  a handful of finely chopped parsley and the zeste of 1 lemon. Boil  a portion of pasta in salted water. Add 450 … More Gremolata

One huge pumpkin gnocco (singular of gnocchi) or better ‘polenta pumpkin gratin’

Gnocchi alla romana are prepared in the oven and therefore my prefered gnocchi. The recent magazine of the supermarket Coop inspires for a version with pumpkin. Remember the pumpkin of last week? This recipe is ideal for the 400 grams of ovenbaked pumpkin meat stored in the freezer. Defrost the pumpkin (or prepare fresh pumpkin) … More One huge pumpkin gnocco (singular of gnocchi) or better ‘polenta pumpkin gratin’

A little secret

It’s about time to be honest about my blogposts. In the beginning I managed a daily post of the menu of the day. We eat fairly late and thus, after cooking, eating, cleaning up, I had to start with my blogpost of the day (the recipe is only ‘done’ after the cooking, and not the … More A little secret

A vegetarian salad

  The delcious of June is awesome. Sorry, cookbooks, you will have to wait a bit, I can’t stop being inspired. Eggplant salad with chickpeas, baby spinach and a dressing based on feta, Greek yoghurt, yummie. Of course, I will do it my way, and thus, I use the oven instead of a direct fire. … More A vegetarian salad


When we moved to Italy I tried hard to empty the cupboards as much as possible , but still we moved 8000 kilo of stuff!!!! Old weckjars moved with us and I never really used them (shame on me) until today. For 2p boil 400 grams of peeled and cut new potatoes for 2 mins … More Weckjars

Dinner 2 in New York

After 17 kilometers of walking we can use real healthy food. An oven without oven dish, without proper tray? Fish in papillot is managable. Use strong aluminium foil in two layers (to keep the oven clean). For 3p, make 3 different packages with sliced 2 onions, 4  chopped garlic cloves, 1 chopped spicy little pepper, … More Dinner 2 in New York