Celebrate the weekend with Donna Hay

Why do I keep on buying cookbooks if Google can show it all? Because I can’t help it, and, because books in general attract me much more than internet. Not every cookbook is amazing from the first view, sometimes they gradually grow on you.

Donna Hay has a new one : ‘One pan perfect, fresh fast no-fuss deliciousness’ which is exactly what I prefer.

We are spoiled with beautiful winter weather, cold and sunny with the most beautiful blue sky you can imagine. An afternoon tea with yogurt scrolls is an ideal treat after a long walk in the vineyards of the nearby Brolio castle.

Mix 300 grams of selfraising flour with 225 of whole wheat flour, 75 grams of superfine sugar, 1 sachet of baking powder with vanilla extract, 420 grams of low fat Greek yogurt and 125ml of olive oil. Knead until you obtain a smooth dough. Spread the dough on baking paper. Cover with another baking paper. Use a rolling pin to form a rectangular dough of approximately 25 on 35 cm. Remove one baking sheet. Instead of using fresh raspberries, spread 120-150 good quality cherry ( or other) marmalade on the dough.

Roll the dough as firm as you can. Cut in equal scrolls ( 9-12). Spread in a round oven dish covered with baking paper. Bake in the oven at 180° for 40 minutes.

The scrolls are at their best if they are still warm.

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