Pasteis de nata with stevia

The cute Portuguese pasteis are incredible delicious. Artificial sugar helps to reduce tbe kcal and. The 3 egg yolks of yesterday are waiting for consumption.

Mix 100 ml of low fat cream with 30 grams of selfraising flour. Mix thoroughly. Heat a small pan with 200 ml of vegetal cream, the zeste of 1 untreated lemon, as much stevia liquid as 150 grams of sugar, vanilla powder and 2 cinnamon sticks. Once hot ( and not boiling), remove the pan from the fire. Mix the flour mixture, the hot cream and the 3 egg yolks in another bowl. Put back in the pan. Stir constantly while reheating. Once the mixture has become thick, stop the fire. Taste. Add some lemon juice for a fresh touch. Cool down.

Divide a round puff pastry ( if you can find one with a reduced amount of fat, even better) in 12 portions. Knead each portions and create 12 little cups. Put each cup in a buttered muffin tray or use special muffin paper cups. Bake in a preheated oven at 225° for 20 minutes. They are at their best if they’re still warm.

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