Tarragon and mustard

Fresh tarragon is rarely to find at the grocery stores. So if occasionally I find some, I try to find some appropriate recipe.

Grilled eggplant and cauliflower couscous with mustard and tarragon as flavor seems a nice combination.

Fir 2p, cut 1 big eggplant in slices of 1-1,5 cm. Mix 2 pressed garlic cloves, 2 teaspoons of spicy Dijon mustard and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Brush on the slices and allow to marinate for at least 1h. Grill the eggplant at both sides and keep warm.

Blend 1 medium sized cauliflower in the blender until couscous. Chop and fry 2 garlic cloves and the cauliflower in a drizzle of olive oil. Add 1 can if drained chickpeas, 3 table spoons of chopped fresh tarragon and 4 table spoons of a mixture of roasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Mix 1 teaspoon of grain mustard, 1 table spoons of white wine vinegar and 1 table spoon of olive oil. Add to the couscous. Taste, add pepper and salt.

Serve the grilled eggplant with the cauliflower couscous and chickpeas with some fresh cheese (feta or similar).

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