What did I prepare for our guests, Severine and Bert?

At day 1, I decide to start with an Italian dinner.

Bagna cauda with different raw vegetables is a perfect starter to catch up after 4 years. The North Italian recipe is available in different version. A mixture of 1 pressed garlic clove, anchovies paste, oregano, pepper and cream is what you need to prepare the delicious dipping sauce. Heat the sauce in the microwave or on a tealight. Clean white celery, carrots, radishes, bell pepper or any kind of raw vegetable to dip in the sauce. This starter can last for a while, enough time to cook the main course in the oven.

Filled calamari in combination with potatoes, onions and tomatoes is a bit of work in advance, but an eye catcher on the table. For 4p, buy 8 smaller or 6 medium sized calamari. Clean and dry thoroughly. For the filling, mix 150 grams of white bread crumbs with 2 chopped garlic cloves, a handful of chopped parsley, 2 eggs, pepper and salt. Fill each body of the calamari halfway. Close with a pin. Oil a large oven dish. Spread first 4 sliced tomatoes. Season with pepper, salt and some dried oregano. Spread 1 large sliced red onion and 2 chopped garlic cloves. Spread 400 grams of thinly sliced potatoes Season with pepper, salt and dried oregano. Spread the filled calamari and the tentacles. Season with pepper and salt. Put a slice of lemon on each calamare and a large drizzle of olive oil. Store in the fridge until starting your dinner. Cover with aluminum foil. Bake in the oven at 200° for approximately 1h. Check the potatoes. Once ready, finish with fresh parsley. Enjoy a long summer night outside while talking to nice friends.

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