Artistic recipe with baby artichokes

‘Greens that taste like friendship’, what a beautiful book of Seppe Nobels, a Belgian cook known for his recipes with vegetables.Baby artichokes with pistou of tomatoes is awesome, as starter or in combination with fish/meat and oven baked potatoes.For 2p, clean 8 baby artichokes by removing the outer leaves and the skin of the stem. I prefer to cook them in salted water with a glass of white wine, some bay leaves, 1/2 of a lemon and some rough sea salt. Cook for approximately 15 mins, until ready.In the meanwhile, remove the skin of 5 small tomatoes ( make a cross incision, cover with boiling water).Chop in small cubes. Mix with 2 table spoons of white balsamic vinegar, 1 chopped garlic clove, 2 table spoons of chopped fresh rosemary, black pepper and salt.Cut the artichokes in halves. Spread on a plate. Spread some of the tomatoes.Heat 50 ml of olive oil. Add 3 table spoons of chopped fresh (or frozen) basil. Finish your plate with the basil oil.Delicate flavor, beautiful cooking.

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