Homemade gnocchi

In one of my first blogpost I mentioned my first ‘gnocchi experiment’. They ended up in an oven dish served as one large gnocchi-puree.

After reading about : what potatoes to use, how to shmash them, how to store the gnocchi before cooking, our ‘relationship’ has changed. You need time to prepare them, and there has to be an extra reason to prepare them. Ordinary gnocchi are available in all different sizes in the grocery store. Once they are a bit different, it’s worth to spend some time in the kitchen.

For 4p, clean 5 small sized artichokes, by removing the harder outer leaves, the skin of the stem and the top of the leaves. Cut in 8 and store in water with lemon juice.

Boil 400 grams of potatoes with skin unti tender.

Heat 200 ml of vegetal stock.

Chop half of the artichokes. Chop 2 garlic cloves. Put in a casserole. Add 100 ml of the stock and allow to simmer. Add some extra stock if necessary. Once the artichokes are tender, put in the blender. Blend until a smooth texture. Taste, add pepper and salt.

Peal the potatoes. Put on a wooden table. Mix with 100 grams of rice flour and 2 table spoons of corn flour. Use a wooden spatula to create a fluffy puree. Add 1 egg and the artichokes cream. Add rice flour if necessary. Taste, add pepper and salt. The texture is important, it has to be almost elastic, and not sticky. Make long sausages and use a fork or a wooden tool to create nice shapes. Put the gnocchi on baking paper. Leave space in between and sprinkle extra rice flour. Store in the freezer. If you want to play ‘safe’, boil 2 gnocchi in salted water. If the dissolve, I’m sorry, you will have to start all over🍀.

Put the other 100 ml of stock in a small pan. Add a pinch of saffron.

Before dinner. Chop and fry 4 garlic cloves in a drizzle of olive juice. Add the drained and dried artichokes. Stir and bake.

Put 150 grams of crescenza ( a fresh white italian cheese, or use mozzarella instead) in the pan with stock and saffron. Allow to melt.

Boil the gnocchi. They are ready once they appear at the surface. Serve the gnocchi with the fried artichokes the cheesy sauce and fresh parsley. If you prefer to prepare all of this in advance, put everything in an oven dish. Bake at 200° for approximately 20 minutes.