We are finally opening our boxes

A few data ago our stored furniture arrived. I feel like a child🤩 every time I open another box. I know minimalism is the new hipe, but not ( yet) for me. Although the workman have to come back for a few things inside the house, I decide to fill the cupboards.

Candle light dinner remains holy, even if the whole house looks like there has been an explosion.Tonight I prepare fresh porcini as a starter. The earthy flavor is fabulous. Clean 400 grams of porcini for 2 p. Never rinse the mushrooms!!!Heat a pan. Put 2 teaspoons of butter in the pan. Add the porcini and 2 chopped garlic cloves. Bake, stir now and again. Add some olive oil if necessary. Once al dente, finish with pepper, salt and fresh parsley. Serve hot.

One thought on “We are finally opening our boxes

  1. Believe it or not but my husband, your brother in law, says that minimalism is already over, so….enjoy putting every dish, plate, pot, wathever in your knew kitchen, full shelfs and lovely to look at,….much is more. Love it myself…xxxx Your brother, Jan.

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