Lucky bastards, Biryani to celebrate friendship

Today Gerda arrives. I met Gerda as a patient, neighbour and we gradually became friends. When she offered to come to help us painting in our house, even in winter time, we booked her flight.

What a lovely visitor!

Five days is probably short, but we try to combine : talking, painting,and even a first session of Pilates in the village.

I prepare the meal for tonight in advance, an Indian stew, Biryani with chicken.

Marinate 400 grams of chicken breast  (for 3p) in 3 table spoons of Greek yoghurt, 1 teaspoon of turmeric, a pinch of chili and a pinch of salt for approx 2 h.

Roast 4 cardemom (only the seeds) and 2 teaspoons of cumin seeds in a pan. Add a drizzle of sunflower oil, 2 sliced red onions, 4 chopped garlic cloves, 1 chopped chili pepper, 4 cm of grated ginger. Stir now and again. Add the chicken and the marinade. Bake.  Add 2 cans of tomatoes. Allow to simmer for approx 30-40 mins. Put a large pinch of saffron and 1 table spoon of garam masala in 100 ml of warm milk. Add the milk and the spices. Cook for 5 more mins. Taste, add pepper and salt.

I collect Gerda from the airport in  Florence. I try to give her a first impression of our lovely place.

Put the biryani on the fire and allow to simmer for another 20/30mins.

Serve with steamed rice, a lot of fresh coriander and a fresh mixture of tomato, cucumber and spring onions.

The sky is filled with stars, tomorrow will be a lovely day to paint outside!

PS Thanks, Puneet, for the Indian spices!

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