It’s time to restore the cavolo nero back to it’s worthy position

Our first winter here I discovered ‘cavolo nero’ and created some dish with an incredible amount for 2p. Above all it was not cooked enough so the taste of metal was really strong. Since then Iris refuses to reconsider this ingredient, but after 2 years, it’s about time to try it again.

For 2p, chop and rinse 1 leek, 300 grams of cavolo nero (only the soft part of the leaves!!). Put 2 spoons of salted capres in water, rinse and drain. Chop 50 grams of sundried tomatoes.

Chop and fry 4 garlic cloves, 1 small chili pepper and 1 onion in a drizzle of olive oil. Add the cavolo nero and leek. Bake and stir. Add 1 table spoon of dried oregano. Add the dried tomatoes and capres. The cooking time is approx 20-30 mins.

In the meanwhile, boil some whole grain pasta in salty boiling water. Add some of the pasta cooking water to the vegetables if needed.

Mix pasta and vegetables. Finish with some grinded pistachio and lucious burrata.

Black cabbage is a delicious winter vegetable, but respect the cooking rules ;-).

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