Imitating star chefs

I’m a passionate cook, but my preferred recipes are simple, healthy, colorful and no waste. Now and again, I try something more ‘fancy’. dedicated an article on Kobe Desramaults’new pop-up restaurant in Sicily. I was immediately inspired by the recipes. As starter, a combination of calamari, stracciatella ( the inner part of burrata), pistachio … More Imitating star chefs

Summer fruits

What a diversity of local fruit we’re having now. It’s really awesome. As I probably have written before, desserts are not really my favorite course, but for a dinner with guests I always try to find an appropriate closure. Sabrina Ghayour gives me a few super simple and delicious ideas. Count 2 apricots per person. … More Summer fruits

What about buckwheat?

After a few years of blogging and looking for other recipes and fusions, I have a large stock of ingredients. Thanks to the organization of the kitchen most of those ingredients are visible in glass containers. So tonight we’ll prepare some buckwheat. For 2p, boil 120 grams of buckwheat al dente in salted water seasoned … More What about buckwheat?

Vegetables filled with vegetables and awesome Italian ingredients

Two beautiful tomatoes, one round eggplant and two rounds courgettes can be combined in a lot of great dishes. In this recipe they are great eye catchers as well. Halve the eggplant and the courgettes. Oil the eggplant and put in the oven at 200° for 30 mins. Remove the upper part of the tomatoes. … More Vegetables filled with vegetables and awesome Italian ingredients