Too much comfortfood?

During winter our body seems to ask for more comfortfood to control our temperature, or to make it even more cosy.

Lasagne is, for sure, thé number 1 of Italian comfortfood. Reduce the amount of kcal by avoiding meat, and trying to find lighter ways to prepare the bechamel sauce.

The extra thin lasagna sheets, ready made, allow me to reduce the carbs (‘sfogliavelo’). 250 grams offers 12 sheets, and for 2p I usually use 4 in total.

Try to use the maximum amount of vegetables. Chop and steam 300 grams of green beans and 500 grams of courgettes. Drain carefully.

Prepare 500 ml of bechamel sauce based on almond milk and thicken the sauce with corn starch to avoid the extra butter. Season with nutmeg, garlic, 3 table spoons of pesto genovese. Taste, add pepper and salt (and you could add a drizzle of lemon juice).

Use an appropriate oven dish. Oil the dish with a brush. Start with a few spoons of the sauce, continue with a lasagna sheet, vegetables, sauce, pasta, and finish with the sauce and 2 table spoons of grated cheese.

Bake the lasagna in the oven at 180° for approx 30 mins.

PS the almond milk has a natural sweetness, but is perfect, even for savory dishes. The amount of kcal is approx  15-20kcal per 100 ml ( semi-skimmed milk 45kcal)

2 thoughts on “Too much comfortfood?

  1. Sounds delicious and as you say perfect warming food. I use oat milk in preference to almond though . Better for the environment and I think a more neutral flavour…… what do you think?

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