Chicken Thai style

Elodie gave me a few ‘Thai curry- kits’. In the kit is included : coconut cream powder, curry paste (a green one for today), fish sauce and some dried herbs. Instead of the recommended 90 grams of vegetables, I add 350 grams  of green beans+200 grams of soy sprouts+200 grams of eggplant cubes.

Start with the coconut cream, mix the powder with 1 cup of hot water. Bake the green curry paste (35 grams, plus 1 extra spoon if you prefer really spicy) in a drizzle of wok oil. Put the fire really low. Add the coconut cream. Add 300 grams of chopped chicken breast, the eggplant, the beans, the herbs and the fish sauce. Stir regularly (add some liquid if necessary).

Boil some rice or noodles.

If the chicken and vegetables are ready, add the soy sprouts and bake shortly.

Finish with fresh coriander or basil and enjoy a quick Thai green curry.

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