Not for every day

I bought one of those containers to create 6 little croissants but couldn’t decide the proper timing and suddenly I realized that there was not much time left. Instead of having croissants as a breakfast, I saw this recipe in the november edition of Prepare the croissants first. Beauty is not important 😉. Cool … More Not for every day

Chicken Thai style

Elodie gave me a few ‘Thai curry- kits’. In the kit is included : coconut cream powder, curry paste (a green one for today), fish sauce and some dried herbs. Instead of the recommended 90 grams of vegetables, I add 350 grams  of green beans+200 grams of soy sprouts+200 grams of eggplant cubes. Start with … More Chicken Thai style

Curry paste

In oriental supermarkets, which are difficult to find here in Tuscany, you find a grand variety of ready made mixtures to use as base for easy oriental cooking. To make your own yellow, green, red, …curry pastes you need so many ingredients, which are even more difficult to find here. Thus, buy different flavors and … More Curry paste