More experiments with salted cod Happy Easter

Remember, salted cod is only eatable unsalted. To unsalt, you really have to start the day before. Rinse the cod to remove the extra salt and put in water. Store in the fridge and rinse and renew the water 5-6 times.The cod will still taste a bit salty, thus no extra salt needed!

For 2p, mix 350 grams of unsalted cod (remove the skin before starting to unsalt) with 300 grams of boiled potatoes, 1 egg, 2 table spoons of chopped parsley, 3 garlic cloves, 3 cm of chopped ginger, zeste of 1 lemon in the blender. Taste and add some pepper. Put the mixture in the fridge to become firmer. Oil you hands to make the balls (ideal size approx 5 cm) and put on baking paper. Bake the balls in a hot oven at 180° for 20-30 mins. You can turn them halfway. Make a dressing with light mayonnaise, wasabi and lemon juice (difficult to decide the amounts, you really have to taste to get your perfect mixture).

Serve the tasty balls with a mixed salad, and if you are really hungry, add some baked potatoes (which you put in the oven 20 mins before).

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