Little tuna balls

Canned tuna can be really yucky ( even worse than cat food) or incredible yummy. It helps to see that it still is tuna. The Italians eat a lot of good quality canned tuna and buy often those huge vases filled with chunks of tasty tuna commonly with olive oil. This olive oil adds to … More Little tuna balls

The tarocco is back

Remember the blogpost of 17/2( Tarocco is the most popular table orange in Italy and is a ‘half- blood’ orange)with tarocco, a delicious recipe of This time, no pomegranate, no pistachio nuts but still, yummie. Remove the skin, also the white parts, of 2 tarocco oranges (1pp). Slice thinly and put on baking paper. Spread … More The tarocco is back

Fresh artichokes on a parmigiano cookie

The first time I made this recipe (Really in love with Italian sausages 😉 I struggled making little baskets of parmigiano. Certain people prefer sophisticated recipes, I prefer the simple versions. Prepare the baby artichokes as mentioned in the blogpost. Spread 60 grams of grated parmigiano on baking paper in circles of approx 10-12 cm. … More Fresh artichokes on a parmigiano cookie