This is Belgian, chicory in the oven with a cheesy sauce

Originally this recipe is made with ham, but for non-meat-eaters smoked salmon is a delicious and perfect alternative. For 2p  boil 6 chicory stumps (almost 1kilo) until al dente. Drain thoroughly (a few hours in advance), put some weight on the chicory to press out most of the liquid) and keep 300 ml of the cooking water. Make a white sauce and start with 1 table spoon of butter, and 1 table spoon of flour. Add 200 ml of milk and 300 ml of the cooking liquid when the roux is ready. Add nutmeg, pepper, salt and some dried thyme. Stir constantly until the sauce starts boiling and becomes thicker. Add 60 grams of grated gruyère and mix. Put the chichory packed in smoked salmon (150 grams pp) in a oven dish. Cover with the cheesy sauce and finish with 40 grams of grated cheese on top. Bake in the oven at 180° for 20-30 mins. Real Belgians prefer mashed potatoes as side dish, but this portion is enough even without side dish.

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