Side dishes in bigger portions as full meal, why not?

Inspired again by this great book (thanks to Katrin, my youngest daughter, for this lovely present last Christmas xx) of Jamie Oliver, the menu of today is a cauliflower oven dish. The original recipe is a side dish for 8p. Split everything in two and you get a full meal for 2p (little variations on the original recipe, signed by DocV ;-)).

Chop 4 garlic cloves and bake in a large table spoon of butter. Add a large table spoon of flower and bake while stirring. Add 300 ml of halfskimmed milk and 1 tea spoon of dried thyme. Keep on stirring until you get a nice thick white sauce. Add 300 grams of chopped broccoli and simmer on a very low fire until the broccoli is soft. Mix and add 2 table spoons of grated emmental (or similar cheese). Taste, add pepper, salt and nutmeg.

Oil a nice oven dish. Clean and cut 600 grams of cauliflower in little roses and cubes( no waist!). Spread the cauliflower in the oven dish and pour the sauce on the cauliflower. Mix 60 grams of ovenbaked old bread with some olive oil, 1 teaspoon of dried thyme, pepper and salt (use a mortar) and mix with 2 table spoons of almond flakes and 2 table spoons of grated cheese. Put this mixture on the cauliflower with sauce. Bake in the oven at 180°, first 30 mins covered and continue 20 mins uncovered. Perfectly balanced meal.

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