Shells in a creamy green vegetables mix made in a Portugese Cataplana and served with quinoa

It’s time to use the cataplana. The Cataplana is a Portugese cooking dish, available in cupper (is the original), in inox, or in aluminium. The wonderful thing about travelling and food is buying a real genuine cooking tool in the country and using it to cook genuine but also non-genuine dishes.

Split the cataplana into two parts. Start with the lower part. Heat the oven at 180°. Heat the oiled cataplana part. Add 4 chopped garlic cloves, 1 chopped spicy little pepper, 2 chopped spring onions. Bake for 10 mins and add 100 ml of white wine. Put again in the oven and allow to cook until the wine has almost gone. Add 300 grams of courgettes and 500 grams of asparagus (cut into similar pieces and keep the head parts of the asparagus for later). Bake and stir now and again. After 20 mins add 125 grams of baby spinach, 500 grams of cleaned and mixed vongole and mussels. Cover with the cataplana lid and put back in the oven. Remove the cataplana now and again out of the oven to shake. The moment the shells are opening, add 100 ml of light cream, or coconut cream. Taste and add pepper and salt. Put again in the oven until everything is ready to eat. In the meanwhile, boil some quinoa. Serve the quinoa with the dish and add some fresh basil.

Thanks, Cataplana, you can mix cooking styles, for sure!

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