Observational study in the supermarket ;-)

After 1 year visiting the same supermarket at least once a week they probably recognize me (hopefully in a positive way). It’s fun to observe people while shopping for food. My attention tends to drift in the direction of the people who inspect food in many different ways. Since last week the fresh porcini have arrived. It’s not, and will never be, a cheap product. An older couple was doing a thorough and knowledgeable inspection and they decided to buy some, so I did the same. Huge mushrooms, full of soil, and really fresh, the smell is so pure, so earthly.

A simple ovenbaked chicken, with ovenbaked potatoes, oven baked celery and a real mushroom sauce is a wonderful Sunday dinner.

Put the butterfly chicken (the smallest one for 2p) in a oven dish. Add pepper, salt.  Peal  400 grams of potatoes. Cut into wedges. Rinse and dry the wedges. Clean and cut 500  grams of celery into fries-like pieces. Put the potatoes and celery around the chicken. Add a drizzle of olive oil. Bake in a real hot oven at 180-200° for 45-60 mins. Stir the potatoes and celery pieces halfway.

Brush and clean the porcini ( 300 grams for 2p). Cut in smaller pieces. Soak 20 grams of dried porcini in some hot water or milk. Chop 1 shallot  and 2 garlic cloves. Fry in some  butter. Add the mushrooms, and the soaked, drained and chopped dried mushrooms (keep the water!) and bake on a low fire for approx 20 mins. Add the water, pepper and salt and some extra chicken stock or water if necessary. Finish with 100 ml of light cream and freshly chopped parsley.

Serve the chicken, potatoes and celery with the wonderful real mushroom sauce and a green salad.


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