Sardines, tomato, wild fennel and pasta? Real Italian!!!

I’m not an expert in discovering eatable plants (although I try;-)), but wild fennel is an easy one with its combination of the typical smell and shape. Walking a few meters outside our living place here in Siena I discovered several little bushes of that fabulous wild herb.

The edition of June 2017 of my lovely magazine ‘Delicious’ is spoiling us with so many wonderful summer dishes. ‘Pasta con le sarde e finocchio selvatici’ could be the title of a passionate opera of Puccini.

Boil a bunch of wild fennel (if you are not so lucky to find it on your way, use the green part of a fennel or even dille in a big pan filled with salted water. Remove the pan after 5 mins and keep the water to boil the pasta. Press the overload of fluid out of the fennel and chop. For 3-4p chop 1 onion, 4 garlic cloves, and 1 spicy little pepper. Fry in a drizzle of olive oil. Add 5 pickled anchovies, 1 table spoon of pine nuts, 2 table spoons of soft raisins, 400 grams of halved cherry tomatoes and the chopped fennel. Add 500 grams of filets of sardines and a pinch of saffron, disolved in a bit of hot water. Stir now and again. Add pepper and salt.

Boil a portion of pasta in the fennel boiling water. Mix pasta and sauce together and serve with a handful of grated almonds. Dinner is ready in 20 mins and really yummie. Thanks Delicious.

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