Korean food

Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish often served in a real hot stone recipient. Meat is optional, egg is optional, rice and vegetables are the main ingredients. The first step is the sweet and sour mixture to marinate the vegetables. Mix 250 ml of rice vinegar with 125ml of water, ½ table spoon of sugar … More Korean food

Dinner 2 in New York

After 17 kilometers of walking we can use real healthy food. An oven without oven dish, without proper tray? Fish in papillot is managable. Use strong aluminium foil in two layers (to keep the oven clean). For 3p, make 3 different packages with sliced 2 onions, 4  chopped garlic cloves, 1 chopped spicy little pepper, … More Dinner 2 in New York

I love eggs

Boiled, sunny side up, scrambled, poached,…. what a creative ingredient. Since we cannot be spoiled anymore by Janny’s (our dear cleaning lady for more than 25 years in Belgium) chicken, I try to make the best selection. The frittata today is a large portion, and thus, lunch-included for the following dat. Chop and fry 1 … More I love eggs

The Asian twist

Tom Yum Goong paste, which is meant to be used to prepare the easy version of the famous and delicious soup, can also be used as base for any other thai-like dish. I keep it in the freezer. Bake 500 grams of oyster mushrooms in a drizzle of peanut oil. Set aside. Chop and fry … More The Asian twist

Spring is in the air and in the vegetable department

I recognize  ‘puntarelle and agretti’, not exactly by their name, but by  their looks ;-). Puntarella is wild chicory and agretti alias barba dei frati … looks like grass and is sold in bunches only during the spring season Put both (250 grams of puntarelle and 250 grams of agretti for 2p) at the same … More Spring is in the air and in the vegetable department