Extra flavor and color

Our weekly consumption of fruit and vegetables is impressive. I rarely will have breakfast without starting with 1 kiwi. Iris eats at least 3 pieces of fruit in combination with low fat Greek yogurt or oatmeal. An in between snack is most likely fruit. I really enjoy filling the fridge with all those beautiful colors.

Tonight’s dish is not only delicious but also super pretty. Start with a piece of fresh salmon. Mirco removed the skin already ( the main reason is not laziness but in summer waste starts to smell after 1 day). Let’s smoke fresh salmon in a wok.

Cover a wok pan with aluminium ( the foil has to be long enough to close again). Put a small handful of green tea leaves on the foil. Put a small grill, covered with a larger piece of baking paper, on the tea leaves. Season the salmon (300-400 grams) with pepper and salt. Spread on the baking paper. Close the baking paper and the aluminium foil (leave a few small openings). Heat the pan. Don’t forget to start the hood. Once you notice some smoke, lower the fire. Count 10 minutes ( less if the fish filet is thin). Cool down.

Cut 2 harder nectarines in wedges. Mix with pepper, salt and 1 table spoon of olive oil. Heat the grill. Bake the wedges at both sides. Cut a cucumber in thin slices. Mix with 2 table spoons of old white wine vinegar.

Spread some green salad on a large plate. Mix with the cucumber. Spread salmon and grilled nectarines. Finish with raspberries, red pepper and a little drizzle of olive oil. Serve with or without bread or roasted potatoes.

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