‘Healthy’ scones

In search of afternoon delights, I found this lovely recipe (with a little variation) in the Belgian cooking magazine “Libelle lekker’. Mix 40 grams of melted butter with 4 table spoons of maple syrup, 150 grams of low fat yogurt and 70 ml of semi skimmed milk. Mix 120 grams of spelt flour with 80 … More ‘Healthy’ scones

A little sweetie

Organising dinners is one of my favorite activities, especially now in this episode of my life (spoiled with ‘time’, remember?). The hardest part of a menu remains the dessert. It’s not easy to find an elegant closure. Filo pastry is a wonderful ingredient. Why not use it more often? Wrap a few raspberries with some … More A little sweetie

Three course menu : fish, veg and cool dessert

Try to remember ingredients people dislike if you invite them regularly to avoid unpleasant meals. Sometimes this list will be extensive which can be tricky. Don’t worry, Elodie, you are not ‘tricky’. For 3p, start with two appetizers served in little glases. -appetizer 1 : a layer of 100 grams of feta cheese cut in … More Three course menu : fish, veg and cool dessert