Authentic Italian mussels

As Belgians we enjoy a traditional Belgian meal as ‘mosselen friet’ translated as mussels and French(? Belgian) fries.

Last week I asked Mirco, the friendly fishmonger, whether the Italians are familiar with that kind of seafood. Coincidentally the season has just started, and will last until September. There are the Italian Italian ones ( born and grown in Italy) and the import Italian (born outside Italy and grown in Italy)ones. He brought me Italian Italian ones from Sardinia.

Clean the mussels thoroughly. In Belgium we are not used to buy mussels in a ‘pure state’. I spend almost one hour to clean 1,5 kilo 😉. Slice 2 onions. Chop 4 garlic cloves, 1 chili and a few stems of celery. Heat a large pan. Add 2 table spoons of olive oil. Add the chopped vegetables, 2 teaspoons of curry powder and a few stems of fresh thyme. Stir and fry for a few minutes. Add the mussels. Close the pan. Stir (shake the pan) now and again. The mussels are ready when they are all open. Mix some of the liquid with mustard and mayonnaise. Serve the mussels with French fries and the mustard sauce. The Italians can be proud of their seafood 😋

PS I forgot to take a picture before, I’m sorry. 🤭

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