Sweet weekend

Since I’ve been leading my quieter life, I enjoy my afternoon teatime. I find it easier to drink 1 liter of tea than 1 liter of water. Earl Grey is my absolute favorite. During the week I limit myself to 1 ready made cookie but on Saturday I prepare a sweet extra for the entire weekend. This weekend a recipe for 12 oven baked donuts is transformed into 1 larger cake.

Melt 100 grams of butter. Mix with 100 grams of sugar until a foamy mixture. Add 1 egg, 120 ml of semi skimmed milk and some vanilla extract and mix. Add 200 grams of 00 flour and a pinch of salt. Mix carefully. Add 1/2 sachet of baking powder. Remove the skin and core of 1 apple. Chop in small cubes and mix with the dough.

Pour the dough in an oiled cake form ( a turban).

Bake at 180° for 40 minutes. Check the inside with a cake stick, but it’s tastier if not too dry. Cool down. Happy weekend😋

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