What a gift!

To compensate the lack of personal contact, presents delivered by the postman or a courier are even more exciting. Iris has been spoiled by her family, not only with lots of books but also with the best canned crabmeat ever. The traditional starter at Iris’ family is an old fashioned crab cocktail. So, let’s have a dinner with that exquisite ingredient.Hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, salad, radishes, avocado, ovenbaked French fries, fresh parsley, 2 drained cans of the good stuff and an experimental sauce are the ingredients for tonight. For the sauce, I mix 2 table spoons of light cream with 2 table spoons of good quality mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons of ketchup, sriracha ( to obtain some spiciness), pepper and salt.The best way to enjoy the crabmeat is not to mix the ingredients too much in advance or to prepare your own dish at the table.I know it was not my present, but I was allowed to have some in return for my work 😉.

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