Roasted beetroot in beurre-blanc

I’m not familiar with the French classical cuisine, and especially not with the elaborated sauces. Inspired again by Yvette van Boven in the December edition of I prepared roasted beetroot in a beurre-blanc variation. Wash 4 little beetroot and remove the ends. Put them on aluminium foil. Spread some olive oil, pepper, salt and a few stems of fresh rosemary and 1 bay leaf. Close the aluminium foil. Bake in the oven at 200 ° for 40-60 minutes ( depends on the size).

For the sauce, chop 1 shalot and 4 garlic cloves. Put in a sauce pan. Add 2 bay leaves, a few stems of fresh rosemary and 250 ml of white wine. Allow to simmer until only a few table spoons remain. Sieve and pour the liquid ( probably 4 table spoons) back in the pan. Add 100 ml of cream. Heat and stir constantly with a whisk. Add 50 grams of cold butter cubes, one by one. The sauce may not cook. Once you obtain a beautiful thickened consistency, stop the fire. Taste, add pepper and salt.

Remove the skin from the beetroot. Cut in halves. Reheat the sauce until lukewarm.

Spread some sauce in a preheated plate. Put the halved beetroots in the sauce. Finish with old syrupy balsamic and a few blackberries.

Less butter than in the original recipe but still heavenly!

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