Certain people bet for money, other people for soup. One of those crazy soup-lovers is my mother in law who is one of our visitors.

Harira is the typical soup during the Ramadan. My version is a vegetarian version. Chop and fry 2 onions and 4 garlic cloves in a drizzle of olive oil for a few minutes. Add 2 teaspoons of cumin, 2 teaspoons of paprika powder, 2 bay leaves and 800 grams of canned tomatoes. Stir and allow to simmer. Add 2 cans of water. Allow to simmer for approximately 20 minutes. Add some vegetal stock powder. Taste, add pepper and salt. Add pepper and salt. Add 2 cans of drained chickpeas towards the end. Finish with fresh coriander or fresh parsley if you can’t find coriander.

Approved by my mother in law 😉.

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