Kuku with eggplant and caramelized onions

Kuku is a kind of frittata with a Middle Eastern flavor, and thus, worth to try to convince Italians to eat other cooking styles.

An Italian is proud of its national ( or is it regionalšŸ¤”) heritage, including its cooking.

Kuku is based on vegetables, eggs( as frittata is) but with a delicate flavor of saffron. It can be eaten as a side dish, as main course (add some extra feta cheese) or as lunch, or as one of the dishes in a buffet.

Put a large pinch of saffron in a mortar. Grind and add 3 table spoons of hot water. Cool down.

Chop and fry 3 large eggplants in cubes of 2.5 cm in a large drizzle of olive oil. Bake in portions until golden brown and ready. Put on kitchen paper to remove the extra amount of fat. Cool down.

Slice 3 onions. Bake in a large drizzle of olive oil until soft but not brown. Remove the fat with kitchen paper. Oil a large oven dish, or cover with baking paper. Spread the onions and eggplant. Batter 6 eggs, the saffron mixture, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 2 table spoons of Greek yogurt, 2 table spoons of self raising flour. Add pepper and salt. Add 3 table spoons of chopped fresh parsley. Spread on the vegetables.

Bake in the oven at 180Ā° for 30-40

mins, until ready.

Finish with fresh parsley.

A leftover? Ideal lunch for the day after or even possibile to store in the freezer and serve at a later occasion.

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