Sweet heart of little gem

One of the best starters ever my dear friend Alejandro, living in Spain for many many years, prepared us on one of our visits. We worked in the same village, he as the local dentist and I as the new coming female family physician. He left the country many years before us. His move was one of the reason why I decided to study the passionate Spanish language. His recipe is still one of my favorite starters. Sadly enough I can’t find those cute baby salads in Italy. Our Belgian visit offers me the perfect opportunity to prepare this awesome starter once more.

Chop 4 little gems in halves. Put them in an oven dish. Spread some chopped garlic, dried thyme,

1 anchovy on each half, pepper and olive oil. Put in a hot oven at 220° for approximately 20 mins .

Enjoy this ‘gem’ of baby gems. ❤

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