I had no idea…

A few days ago one of my best friends in Belgium, Liesbet, sent a message to ask me whether I was okay because she hadn’t received recent blog posts. That’s when I realized I took a break. 🙃 If you would consider that this implies I stopped cooking….ask my niece 😉. Ready made ravioli with … More I had no idea…

Salad alla niçoise

Frozen yellow fin tuna, a small portion of parboiled frozen green beans, frozen potatoes, oven dried tomatoes, black olives and boiled egg are the ingredients of today’s dinner. Defrost the tuna. Put approximately 250 grams of frozen beans in the microwave until al dente. Cool down. Cut 3 tomatoes in wedges. Put them on baking … More Salad alla niçoise

This is easy

If you would ask me, the best pizza dough is thin and crispy. If you don’t have time, and there is no pizzeria open, and still you are desperately craving for some crispy pizza, puff pastry is a perfect alternative for the dough. I tend to buy a rectangular piece. Prebake it in the oven … More This is easy

Mackerel in a coat

Mackerel is a real cheap fish. Mackerel filets are perfect to store in the freezer. So if they are available I will always buy a portion for a later occasion. 300 grams is a perfect portion for 2p. This recipe, which I found in the Christmas edition of delicious.nl is goodloocking and tasty. Blanch 8 … More Mackerel in a coat

I haven’t been able to go to Livorno but this kind of food is supposed to be popular there

We are in full preparation of the real renovation works and I’m in full preparation of starting my own practice. All of this is very exciting and time consuming but I’ll never forget how important it is to take care of yourself ( and your body and food😉). Tonight a squid of 500 grams ( … More I haven’t been able to go to Livorno but this kind of food is supposed to be popular there