Sweet memories of my sister

My sister died suddenly, in her sleep, almost 14 years ago. We didn’t have that close contact as children, because we were so different, but we surely found each other in our late twenties. Although life was busy with work, young families we had our sacred moments. At least twice a year we met on a Saturday (only one condition no kids and no partners) to spend a full day together. Antwerp was our favorite spot ( one of the best shopping towns in the entire world). Boring or not, we often had lunch at the same place ( cheap and central). Thus, every time I go back to Antwerp it feels so good to go to that particular place and take exactly the same dish.

While preparing myself simply baked mushrooms (oyster mushrooms this time) with lots of garlic, it all came back.

Chop and fry 2 garlic cloves and 1 chili in some hot butter. Add 300 grams of mushrooms pp and 2 teaspoons of dried oregano . Bake. Add pepper and salt. That’s it.

The death of my sister opened my eyes and gave me the opportunity to make other choices. Every time I eat crispy mushrooms , and at so many other occasions, I remember those lovely moments with my her. Thanks, Christel. You would love our new country 😉

3 thoughts on “Sweet memories of my sister

  1. Antwerp is an amazing shops/fashion/drinks/eat/historic/busy…..place to be. Remember you both going to Antwerp without kids or partners or brothers….Didn’t know you always went out to the same place for lunch….As a dish only crispy mushrooms I find strange. Love them with garlic, and a bit of parsley. But, if this same place and food comforts you and brings out lovely memories of our beloved sister, great! XXX from your oldest brother.


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