Belgian tradition

Real french fries and tomatoes filled with North Sea shrimps are one of our traditional dishes, but there are good ways, better ways and best ways to prepare this dish.

Checking my freezer I found 200 grams of frozen North Sea shrimps from our last roadtrip to Belgium. Fresh shrimps are much better, but anyway.

Defrost the shrimps in the fridge. Cut two big tomatoes in halves. Remove the seeds. Put some salt in the tomato and turn them upside down on kitchen paper to remove the extra liquid.

Prepare the french fries. You need firm potatoes for fries. Peel them, cut in fries. Put them in water for at least 30 mins (to reduce the starch). Drain and dry thoroughly. Keep them in a clean kitchen towel until baking time. Heat the deep fryer at 170°. Bake the potatoes the first time during 5-7 mins. Shake and allow to rest. Before dinner bake them for the second time at 190° until they are golden crispy.

Fill the tomatoes with the Northsea shrimps, without any spices. Serve the tomatoes on a plate with salad with the crispy French fries and of course, mayonnaise.

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