Gnocchi nudi o ravioli nudi?

Cavolo nero is real local and the base of the well known ribollita. Cook 200 grams of chopped cavolo nero(remove the real hard parts) for 10 mins in salted water. Drain carefully and cool down. Put the cavolo nero in the blender with 200 grams of ricotta, 50 grams of grated pecorino or parmigiano, 1 egg, nut meg, a pinch of salt and pepper. Blend and add 2 table spoons of wheat flour. The mixture has to be really firm (so add more flour if necessary). Make balls and put them,  gently covered and with a bit of flour, in the fridge.  Melt 2 table spoons of butter. Add a few sage leaves, some roasted pine nuts, pepper and salt. Boil the gnocchi first and bake shortly in the melted butter. Serve with baby spinach and some extra grated parmigiano.

In Italy this is served as primi in a small portion, but more than enough for a full meal. Buon appetito!

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